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"If you like Katy Perry, then listen to Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys."
Parenting Magazine

"Vanessa's songs are brilliantly crafted and play with themes that fascinate young children: How does the body move? How do words rhyme? How can we all be happy?"
Boston Children's Music

"The songs on 'Bubble Ride' are sweet and fun and just a little silly, the kind of songs that I could see my friend singing to our songs while they grabbed at the strings in joy."
Sunshine Wonderland
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"Both the song and the album emulate the fun spirited nature of children and reflect the happiness of the world around us."
Take It From Me
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"This was a really fun CD:) It is full of toe-tapping tunes that really got the kids moving and the lyrics are so fun!"
ABCD Diaries

"Acoustic instruments complement the clear diction and pitch-perfect harmony, allowing the humorous song lyrics to shine through. Bubble Ride is pure family-friendly fun..."
Midwest Book Review

"Bubble Ride was such a great CD for kids AND for parents!"
The IE Mommy

"Vanessa's music is so melodic, happy, creative and fun"
See Mom Work

"[Bubble Ride] is filled with wonderful songs and equally beautiful lyrics"
As They Grow Up

"So precious, and brought a big smile to my face."
Girl Gone Mom

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