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Going into the Studio Today to Start Recording our New CD!

Hi everyone,
Wow, I haven't written an update in a little while, sorry about that!  But I had a very busy and music-filled summer with the Jumping Monkeys with lots of gigs around the greater Boston area, as well as New York City, Connecticut and New Hampshire!
I am now happy to report that TODAY I will be going into the recording studio with the Jumping Monkeys to finally get cracking on that new CD I've been promising for a while!  We'll be spending all weekend together, hammering out new songs, laying down tracks, seeing where the music leads us.  I've been busily writing new songs - about time, sister! - and will be coming in this morning with 8 or 9 new songs that the band has never tried, so wish me luck!  
We're also planning to create a music video or two during this process, so hopefully I'll have a lot to unveil shortly.
Check out our list of fall shows, especially our December 11 show at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA.  While that may not end up being a CD release show, it should be a fun "sneak preview" of the CD, and we're hoping to video that show for live DVD footage, and we'd love to have you join us for that!
More soon, gotta get ready for the studio, woo hoo!