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Carnival Day Press Release

Carnival Day Press Release
Brookline, MA — Boston-based singer-songwriter and children's performer, Vanessa Trien, has become a local rock star among the young and young at heart! The "Nessa Groupies" dance in the aisles at her shows with her lively band, the Jumping Monkeys, flock to her toddler music education classes, and can't get enough of her award-winning 2006 debut children's CD, 'Hot Air Balloon' (Parents' Choice Silver Award, NAPPA Honors Award, and iParenting Media Award, with many tracks regularly heard on XM Kids Radio). To her many fans' delight, her much-anticipated follow-up CD, 'Carnival Day,' was released this year, gaining a national distribution deal with NewSound Audio/Allegro Music and winning Parents' Choice and iParenting Media Awards.  Her 450-seat Boston pre-release concert celebrating the new CD (and birth of her second child - she was quite a sight dancing while eight months pregnant!), easily sold out in advance.  Scores of parents have already reported that 'Carnival Day' has become their children's all-time favorite CD with heavy rotation at home and in their cars and, fortunately, the parents are enjoying grooving and singing along to it too!  BUT. Vanessa is also Boston's best-kept secret because her rise in children's music coincided with her starting a family which is currently keeping her relatively close to home.

"I definitely am not the best multi-tasker," says Vanessa as she holds her nine-month-old daughter on her hip, looking around at her kitchen strewn with dishes from her daughter's last messy meal, various piles of paper including her set list from her last show, a stack of her own CD's amidst a jumble of other CDs the family's been listening to, and some random toys belonging to her four year old.  "It's taking us a bit longer than originally planned to get the word out beyond Massachusetts about our new CD, but with a new baby and a new house this year, I've got to embrace it all and accept that things will happen at its own pace," she says while snuggling her little daughter.  "So while it's been busy, I wouldn't change this for the world. With my work now dedicated to performing for and teaching kids, as well as being a mom of two, it all fits together.  My kids get to see their mother follow her passion in music, and being a mom helps me access my own child-like imagination.  My kids definitely give me great songwriting material."

'Carnival Day' captures the essence of being a kid through lyrics that reach to the heart of children's imaginations and danceable arrangements that get kids jumping.  The album explores a variety of musical genres, including acoustic folk, bluegrass, Latin beats, pop and 70s soul, all unified by Vanessa Trien's clear, lyrical voice and playful songwriting style.  Vanessa describes the album as "an ode to singing out, moving our bodies, and having our thoughts and feelings heard and celebrated."  The chorus of  her song, Let Us Sing expresses it perfectly: "Let us shout, let it out, tell of what we dream about. Together let's sing this song today..."  

'Carnival Day' also celebrates the discovery of everyday surprises with get-up-and-dance songs joined with tender moments such as the song Sitting by the Window where Vanessa expresses the magic of watching her child grow with the seasons. The album opens with a call to samba on the title track, inviting everyone to join this parade. Wake Up the Barn raises the roof and shakes the shudders.  Funky High Five declares, "I'm so glad to be alive." With its "clickety clack, snickety snack" choreographed dance moves, Driving in My Car is sure to be the new Macarena for kids! The one cover track, I Can See Clearly Now, a personal favorite of Vanessa's, acknowledges another side of happiness: Sometimes you have to experience rain and obstacles to appreciate the sun in all its glory. In Big Brother, she sings to her son (and is joined by him) about soon becoming a big brother, and finally winds down with the Bedtime Waltz, soothing tired little ones to bed.

As a folk singer-songwriter for nearly fifteen years before turning exclusively to children's music, Vanessa's music shows great attention to the craft of songwriting and creating sophisticated musical arrangements. The Jumping Monkeys band (the core includes Vanessa on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Ira Baron on bass, Sharon Simon on backup vocals, and currently Jeff Hinrichs on percussion, along with frequent Jumping Monkeys member Max Cohen on lead guitar) all come from rich musical backgrounds in adult music, which shines through in 'Carnival Day.' Neale Eckstein, the producer of both 'Hot Air Balloon' and 'Carnival Day,' who has recorded many top folk artists in the country, was instrumental in carrying out Vanessa's objective of making an album that adults would enjoy and find interesting just as much as kids.  Co-producer Max Cohen provided his accomplished acoustic and electric guitar work and songwriting knowledge to the arrangements, while a host of other Boston-area and national musicians also added their talents to the project, including multi-instrumentalist Radoslov Yorkovic (toured with Odetta), singer-songwriter Greg Greenway, and well-known children's and adult performer, Sara Hickman.

Walking down the street with Vanessa while she pushes her daughter in a stroller through her Brookline neighborhood, one immediately feels the effects she has had on families through her teaching and performing.  She is regularly greeted by current and former students, and many people recognize her and tell her how much their kids love listening to her music at home and love her concerts.  "It's fun to be recognized, I feel quite famous in, well, a couple of zip codes…" she smiles.

Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys have been promoting 'Carnival Day' with packed concerts around Massachusetts, and are in the process of widening their touring circuit.

'Carnival Day' is available through, {},,, and Retail price:  $14.98 (or $.99 per song download)