Get an Advance Copy of Our New CD for kids and families, "Wonderful YOU!"

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Hello hello everyone!

I am so proud of our brand new, fourth CD for kids and families, entitled "Wonderful YOU!" Recorded over the past year at the studio of Jumping Monkeys band member Adam Michael Rothberg, bringing in Adam's multi-instrumental talents along with my amazing other Jumping Monkeys friends Fabio Pirozzolo, Paul Kochanski and Richard Gates, I truly believe it has turned into something special.  The theme of the album is that it is a celebration of YOU, the listener, along with your family, friends, neighborhood and broader community around you.  To further the theme, I brought in some of my own musical friends I admire, including Alastair Moock, Rani Arbo, Barbara Brousal, Mister G, Dan Fox and Andy Santospago. While it is being nationally released on October 14, I would love to get it to you as soon as possible!  To help financially support the project and to give you opportunities to get the CD (digital and/or hard copy) plus many other perks including "Wonderful YOU" baseball caps, personalized acoustic recordings of our songs, private parties, and more, I hope you'll visit my Indiegogo campaign site to learn more and hopefully contribute before September 6!  Why wait?  Check it out now!  At the web address below. Thank you so much!!!  - Vanessa