Production & Design Friends

Ed Shems - Illustrator, Designer

Ed Shems has been illustrating and designing since 1991.  Since graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Ed has illustrated more than 25 children's books and is currently writing and illustrating his own stories.  His whimsical style(s) is well-suited for kid's books, magazines (for kids or adults), education, advertising, wearables and packaging (among others) and he is able to adapt his style to suit the needs of his clients.

Ed offered his design talents to Vanessa's "Carnival Day" CD project while his son and wife were attending Vanessa's Music Together classes in Brookline.  Ed and Vanessa became fast friends as he began coming up with a caricature of Vanessa (everyone should have a caricature of themselves, right?!), a special logo, and designs for her upcoming CD, MySpace page, and new website.  Vanessa can't say enough good things about Ed - if you need an illustrator/designer, you've come to the right place!